Welcome to Veggie Wok!


This is the place for vegetarians who love to cook and are at a look out for simple recipes. I believe that you need to do what you love, every day and that’s why this blog. I love to cook with natural ingredients, whole grains and keeping in mind the health factor. Here, I will share some traditional Indian recipes and some new kitchen experiments with an intention to not over complicate the main ingredients. The main focus will be on healthy recipes for kids, teenagers, young adults and our ever so young senior citizens. I don’t cook for the blog, whatever I cook at home for my family is what I will share here in my blog. And trust me “EVERYONE CAN COOK” – A GREAT MEAL!

After working for 15 years with the corporate giants in aviation and telecom industry I now drive my passion. I work as a freelance recipe developer and food photographer. So next time you have a question on your mind, what’s for breakfast or dinner? Veggie Wok is the answer. If you have any comments, suggestions, feedbacks or requests then do drop an email to me, also if you’d like to work with me, my email address is anamika@veggiewok.com or myveggiewok@gmail.com.

Please note that all content and photos on this site are protected by copyright and cannot be used without permission. If you would like to feature any of my recipes, photos or writing on your site, please contact me for rates and permissions at the above address.

My earlier blog’s name was madcookingfusions and I blogged about food on it for more than four years but had to let it go due to personal commitments, but I must say I learnt a lot during that phase and it made me more confident in my work and it honed my cooking skills, it made me more conscious about what to eat and what to avoid in my kitchen. I am happy that I could get back to blogging after a gap but yes learning is an ongoing process and I kept experimenting with loads of ingredients and kept making many new dishes, hoping to sharing them all here.

Happy Cooking!